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Process Capability Wizard
  Cp/Cpk, Pp/Ppk, Normality Test,
Box-Cox & Johnson Transform, and more...
Pre-Control WorkBench
  Software for implementing Pre-Control Charts
on the Shop floor.
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GD&T Symbol Application Guide

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Dimensional Variation Analysis (DVA) Guide

SPC WorkBench Statistical Process Control :: SPC

SPC WorkBench Powerful, yet Easy-to-use SPC Software for the shop floor.
SPC WorkBench bundles together Variable & Attribute Control Charts, Histograms, Process Capability Calculations, and all that is necessary for an easy implementation of SPC on your shop floor.
  • Variable Control Charts: X-MR, XBar-R and XBar-s charts.
  • Attribute Control Charts: p, np, c and u charts.
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GD&T WIZ Tutor GD&T Trainer

GD&T WIZ Tutor Computer-Based Learning System for Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing based on the latest ASME Y14.5 2009 standard.
GD&T is the standard used worldwide to create and use Engineering Designs. Any person who needs to make, refer or use engineering drawings must have a clear understanding of GD&T practices. GD&T WIZ Tutor helps you to learn GD&T through visually powerful animations and concept explanations.

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ProMSA Measurement Systems Analysis :: MSA

ProMSA is a Comprehensive Software for Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) compliant with AIAG MSA Manual - 4th Edition.
Find out how ProMSA greatly simplifies the tedious MSA activities in your organization, while delivering the power of complex statistics needed to comply with AIAG standards.
  • Variable MSA: Stability, Bias, Linearity and Gagr R&R (ANOVA, Range Average & Nested ANOVA)
  • Attribute MSA: Crosstab (kappa), Signal Detection and Analytic Method.
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GDT WEB Tutor WEB-Based Course in GD&T
GD&T WEB Tutor

GD&T WEB Tutor is a Web-based Learning course for Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. The course is based on the ASME Y14.5 standard, 2009 edition.
The learning content is rich in animated explanations with crisp voice narrations in a simple language. The course content assumes no previous exposure to GD&T, and all the learning is done ground-up. GD&T WEB Tutor makes learning the involved technology of GD&T comfortable, anxiety-free experience.

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Pre-Control WorkBench Pre-Control WorkBench

Pre-Control WorkBench is a software that enables implementation of Pre-Control Charting on the shop- floor.

Pre-Control is a technique for controling the quality of products based on Specification Limits rather than Control Limits. Pre-Control chart focusses on control of product non-conformances rather than control of process.

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FMEA Executive Failure Mode & Effects Analysis :: FMEA

FMEA Executive V6.0 is a software solution that enables you perform Design and Process FMEA. FMEA Executive complies to the 4th Edition of the AIAG FMEA manual.
Explore the features of FMEA Executive that take your FMEA initiative beyond mere documentation towards one that delivers results.

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Process Capability WizardProcess Capability Wizard

Process Capability Wizard is an easy yet powerful software that can cater to all your Process Capability Evaluation needs.
  • Standard Process Capability Module: Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, PPM, Normality Test, Histogram, Normal probability Plot & more..
  • Process capability for Non-Normal data using Johnson Transform, Bob-Cox Transform and Clements' Method (Pearson Curves)
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Deming's Funnel Experiment Simulator: Try FREE on-line

Simulation of Dr. W. Edwards Deming's famous funnel experiment to show the adverse effects of adjusting a process when not required. An excellent classroom Training Aid for Consultants and Trainers.

Deming's Red Bead Experiment Simulator: Try FREE on-line

A demonstration of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s Red Bead Experiment, showing that errors caused by workers operating a process are more on account of the System than the fault of the workers.

SPC Training Simulator V2.0 SPC Training through Simulation

SPC Training Simulator (Quincunx Simulator). A picture is worth a thousand words, but a hands-on simulator is priceless. Versatile Software Toy to learn why & how SPC works by easily creating simulations.
Popular and very effective training aid for fundamental concepts of variation and SPC. Used in Green & Black Belt training and SPC awareness workshops by trainers, consultants, practitioners and academicians.

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Free Software Freeware GRR Calculator:

Freeware GRR Calculator includes the following three quick methods:
  • Instantaneous method for ATEs & CMMs,
  • GRR Range Method (Short Method) and
  • Gage R (Repeatability Only) study.
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